New world speed records approved by FAI

New record plane entry image

It is with pride that we announce the approval, by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), of the speed records set by Risen on April 16, 2021.

After the first speed record, set in 2015, and those obtained in 2019, a Risen powered by a Rotax 914 engine has set 2 new speed records, this time flying at high altitude (FL100).

The new records has been obtained in the RAL2T category as usual (“Movable aerodynamic control / Landplane / Flown with two persons / Thermal engine”), therefore with 2 people on board.

Risen had for the occasion its operational base at the Caiolo Airport (Sondrio) and the flights took place in the Valtellina sky, with Alberto Porto at the controls.

The 2 new records were obtained for the “Speed over a closed circuit” category, with a 50 km circuit, scoring a speed of 378.94 km/h; and for the "Speed over a straight course" category, over the distance of 15 km, reaching the speed of 400.45 km/h.

The records were established in accordance with the procedures established by FAI, using Flight Recorders under the control of an official AeCI Observer.

We’d like to thank the friends and sponsors who have followed and supported Porto Aviation in this flight.

All the speed records set by Risen are shown at the following FAI page: view records

plane used in the record image 1
plane used in the record image 2
plane used in the record image 3